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Kayan Al-Mustaqbal center

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Committed to creating a creative generation, we have provided multiple pillars that work on developing the child's mental, educational and motor skills through effective meaningful activities. Get to know us about these pillars.

We care about the formation of the child's personality

Motivation for children is one of the most important moral payment methods, which helps in building their personality correctly and motivates them to excel and achieve impressive success in their studies and various activities.

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Our goals and ambitions

Access to a sophisticated educational facility that meets the aspirations of parents in a way that suits what they wish for their children. Graduating an educated, advanced, and constantly educated generation of promising children who are inspired by their ilk To be ideally prepared intellectually, educationally and psychologically for the future stages of study. - Keeping pace with the scientific development in the world, which transcends its educational goals to make generations their weapon of science and knowledge To face the future with a penetrating mind and insight. - Creating an ideal scientific educational environment that carries all the means of success and comfort for the child to help him in his scientific rehabilitation And building his independent personality according to the educational standards necessary for each age group.

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1- The center provides nursery, care and children services, without focusing mainly on the scientific field. The center’s strategy is to learn and gain skills through fun playing for children -2- The center affiliated to the Ministry of Social Development is not affiliated with the Ministry of Education, and this indicates that it is not linked to a specific scientific curriculum -3- Child personality development and a special file for each child that is followed up, scientific and behavioral observations are recorded and the extent of the child’s development is prepared on an ongoing basis for the parents -4- The presence of a team of child monitoring specialists and specialized heads in the center and follow-up reports -5- An academic team of specialists in kindergarten and childhood stages, and this team is supported by continuous courses to provide advanced scientific services َ

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